It gives us immense pleasure inviting you all for the 33rd AMOGS conference to be held at Hotel Dreamland, Mahableshwar. This will give all the delegates an added opportunity of not only availing an academic feast but also to rejuvenate themselves with a dash of pure air to breath in.

    We plan to have very interactive session with main focus on problems that we come across in day to day practice. So friends and colleagues please block your calendar dates for this event which is scheduled on 8/9/10th February 2019.

    We l


About Hotel Dreamland

    Mahabaleshwar at its best and sweetest. For just over half a century, knowledgeable visitors have seen Hotel Dreamland as the ideal base from which to enjoy Mahabaleshwar’s many pleasures. Dreamland is not just a hotel , but an entire natural environment. Excellently – equipped hotel developments nestle among lush vegetables on 23 acres of land. More than 70% remains wooded and forested , and includes our own organic vegetable farm on which we grow the tasty succulent vegetables for our rich vegetarian cuisine. Though centrally located at the heart of the township, Dreamland still reflects